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Academic Services Directory

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Adrian Acosta

Front Desk Manager
  • Front desk reception (phones, mail)
  • T330 and T332 conference room scheduling

Maggie Baker Profile PictureMaggie Baker Profile Picture

Maggie Baker

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Academic Services
  • Admissions, student affairs, policies, discipline, curriculum (all programs)
  • Budget
  • Affiliation agreements, clinical partners
  • Graduate School
  • Health Sciences Deans

Carolyn Chow Profile PictureCarolyn Chow Profile Picture

Carolyn Chow

Director of Admissions and Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Admissions (process, policies, admissions committees)
  • Graduate program liaison

Mimi Heggelund Profile PictureMimi Heggelund Profile Picture

Mimi Heggelund

Manager of International Operations
  • International visitors
  • International program information
  • Hegyvary Citizens of the World Scholar Award

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Jill Duncan

Student Recruitment Manager
  • Manage and coordinate outreach and recruitment
  • Prospective student counseling

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Kathleen Jennings

Mental Health Counselor
  • Student mental health counseling

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Stephanie Kirschner

Database Developer
  • SoN central student database
  • SoN data reports/grants/analysis

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Janet Lenart

Director for Online Education
  • Distance Education
  • Online Learning Technology
  • Canvas

Laura Mason Profile PictureLaura Mason Profile Picture

Laura Mason

Administrator of Program Operations, Affiliation Agreements & Student Scholarships
  • Budget, financial aid (scholarships/grants/loans)
  • Operations manager
  • Affiliation agreements, liaison with the AG's office

Betsy Mau Profile PictureBetsy Mau Profile Picture

Betsy Mau

Academic Counselor, Doctoral Students
  • MN, MS, DNP, and PhD student advising and support
  • Graduate student progress
  • PhD admissions, PHDCC support
  • GPSS and NeDS liaison

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Fatima Naseem
  • Special Projects

Simone Nelson Profile PictureSimone Nelson Profile Picture

Simone Nelson

Operations Specialist for Admissions
  • Baccalaureate and DNP program admissions
  • Application & program information
  • Student orientation
  • DNPCC support

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Ky Pham

Student Compliance Specialist
  • Student compliance management & tracking
  • Liaison, Student Health Services, HIPAA, student background checks
  • Student records management
  • Satisfactory progress (graduate students)

Jennifer Rathe Profile PictureJennifer Rathe Profile Picture

Jennifer Rathe

Operations Specialist for Clinical Education
  • Undergraduate clinical placements
  • Site compliance documentation (all degree programs)
  • Clinical site student documentation (all degree programs)
  • Liaison, North Puget Sound Clinical Placement Consortium

Bobbie Salveson Profile PictureBobbie Salveson Profile Picture

Bobbie Salveson

Director, Center for Excellence in Nursing Education (Learning Lab)
  • Learning Lab director

Steve Simpkins Profile PictureSteve Simpkins Profile Picture

Steven Simpkins

Student Outreach Coordinator, PhD Student
  • Student recruitment & outreach

Dagmar Schmidt Profile PictureDagmar Schmidt Profile Picture

Dagmar Schmidt

Director of Academic Services
  • Academic Services Operations/staff management
  • Student services & issues (all degrees)
  • BSN/ABSN curriculum coordination
  • Degree verification

Anh Shafer Profile PictureAnh Shafer Profile Picture

Anh Shafer

Academic Counselor, Undergraduate Students
  • ABSN/BSN advising & support
  • Degree audits
  • NCLEX, degree applications
  • BSN/ABSN admissions
  • PONS liaison
  • BSNCC support

Maria Tong Profile PictureMaria Tong Profile Picture

Maria Tong

Student Counselor, Admissions for PCE Programs
  • UW PCE budgets, program liaison, & registration
  • MN/MS/GNM/Certificate Program admissions
  • MCC support

AS Photo PlaceholderAS Photo Placeholder

Patrick Tufford

Assistant Director of Academic Services
  • PCE program development and administration
  • Undergraduate/graduate student services

Jennifer Waugh Profile PictureJennifer Waugh Profile Picture

Jennifer Waugh

Web & Data Applications Developer
  • Student placement/affiliation agreement database management, development & support
  • Academic Services web content management (current/prospective students, faculty support, international programs)
  • Backup support for SoN central student database