I am the Student Outreach Coordinator here in Student and Academic Services. This means I am part of the recruitment team and work to answer questions for prospective PhD students.  I can assist you with navigating the application process, figuring out how to find faculty that fit your area of research, finding funding sources, and helping you plan visits to campus. At the same time, I have just become a PhD Candidate myself and have been working for four years now to complete my degree, so I am well equipped to give you first hand knowledge of what this experience can be like for you. I may not always be at my desk because of my busy student schedule, but I am quick to get back to you if you shoot me an email. I would love to help you get started on your journey.

I love collegiate athletics and have been a season ticket holder for football and basketball (I love going to Volleyball matches and Baseball and Softball games as well, but those are free if you have a Husky Card) since I started at UW in 2008. So, if you are a sports fan or just want to blow some steam off, come join me in the Dawg Pack any time!

Student and Academic Services