Welcome from Dean Azita Emami

The UW School of Nursing is a remarkable and vibrant center of teaching, research, and clinical excellence. It has provided educational, policy, and thought leadership to the profession and the nation since it was founded, more than 90 years ago. For all of that time, the UW School of Nursing has had an unwavering dedication to serving others through excellence in education, discovery of new knowledge, and improvement of care.

This 90-year legacy of excellence has yielded an exceptional educational environment in which an internationally-renowned faculty and engaged, dedicated students come together to learn and advance the art and science of nursing. They realize that there are unprecedented opportunities for everyone in the nursing profession to have an impact on the healthcare system and on the lives of the people we serve—particularly society’s most vulnerable populations.

Our faculty includes distinguished nurse-educators who teach not only clinical skills but also the larger public policy and professional contexts in which those skills will be used. Our senior faculty members work collaboratively, providing mentorship that encourages and accelerates the professional development of their colleagues.

Faculty research covers an amazing breadth of topics, from clinical studies to policy initiatives. The results are disseminated in leading journals, nationally and internationally. The level of scholarship is high, as is the level of creativity and innovation. The research finds an immediate place in the classroom and clinic.

We are preparing tomorrow’s nurses today. Students learn to lead, as well as to heal, and they prepare themselves for a healthcare ecosystem in which nurses will play a very different and very important role in the coming decades.

Students choose the UW School of Nursing because they see themselves in the school’s vision of the future. They understand that the next generation of nurses will play an important role in shaping healthcare policy as well as being the major providers of primary healthcare. They intend to fully participate.

The UW School of Nursing enjoys an extremely strong bond with its community. It’s a bond of mutual respect, and has resulted in financial and professional support that significantly enhances our educational capabilities and continues to do so at an ever-increasing rate. Many programs and facilities enhancements have been made possible by philanthropic generosity. And our community partners—hospitals and clinics throughout the region—play an essential role in the educational process.

Today, the UW School of Nursing is one of the most exhilarating places in the country to teach or learn nursing. I invite you to explore the website and get to know the people and the work of the University of Washington School of Nursing.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or would like more information about how you can be involved in the future of nursing—the future that is being created today at the UW School of Nursing.