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Hot Topics and Faculty Experts

The University of Washington School of Nursing is home to faculty experts in fields from Gerontolgy to Family Health. The School has nearly 100 faculty in many different disciplines, who are available for commentary on research and practice issues.

Please contact the School of Nursing's Communications Office at 206-221-2456 or so we can work with you to arrange an interview or meeting with one of our faculty experts. Follow the links below to read more about each of our expert faculty.

Hot Topics and Faculty Experts

Adolescent and Teen health

--Elaine Thompson- Teen Suicide/ adolescent health

--Elaine Walsh - Teen suicide

--Mayumi Willgerodt- family relationships and adolescent mental health


--Marilynn Albert- health literacy

--Maggie Baker- Elder Abuse

--Basia Belza- Healthy aging and exercise

--Barbara Cochrane- health promotion and disease prevention in older women

--Linda Teri- Dementia and Alzheimer’s

--Rebecca Logsdon- memory loss and dementia

--Hilaire Thompson- Gerontechnology/ technology and aging


--Cynthia Dougherty- Implantable-Cardioverter Defibrillators, heart failure, heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest

-- Brenda Zierler- Deep Vein Thrombosis

Children's Health

--Cathryn Booth-LaForce- social and emotional development of children

--Gail Kieckhefer- Childhood Asthma and other chronic illnesses

--Diane Magyary- mental health in high risk infants and children

--Karen Schepp- physically and mentally ill children and family relationships

--Sue Spieker- Early Childhood Development

--Karen Thomas- Newborn care

--Teresa Ward- sleep in children

Community and Public Health

--Betty Bekemeier- Public Health Systems and health policy

--Doris Boutain- Health Promotion

--Butch de Castro- Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing, Immigrant & Minority Health

--Mary Ann Draye- Preventative Therapy

--Cynthia Perry- Chronic disease prevention with physical activities

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

--Cynthia Price- Alternative Medicine

Interprofessional Education for Health Care Professionals

--Sarah Shannon- Reducing medical errors through Interprofessional Education and Practice; medical ethics

--Juvann Wolffintegrating simulation into the educational environment

-- Brenda Zierler- Reducing Medical Errors through Interprofessional Education of Health care professionals


--Rebecca Logsdon- Memory loss

--Pamela Mitchell- intracranial pressure and injury recovery

--Hilaire Thompson- Traumatic Brain Injury

Nursing Leadership;  Nursing Workforce 

--Patti Brandt- Nursing Leadership

--Marla Salmon- Nursing Workforce, Global Health


--Ardith Z. Doorenbos- survivorship, pain and symptom management and palliative care

--Betty Gallucci- Tumor biology and immune responses

-- Fran Lewis- Cancer and Families

--Sarah Shannon- End of life care and Palliative care

Sleep and Pain

--Peg Heitkemper and Monica Jarrett- Irritable Bowel Syndrome

--Carol Landis- sleep

--Teresa Ward- sleep and pain in children

Telehealth and Cultural Competence

-- George Demiris- Information technology in healthcare

--Ardith Z. Doorenbos

Women’s Health

--Barbara Cochrane and Nancy Woods - menopause and women’s health in mid-life

--Marie-Annette Brown- women's health, depression

--Cynthia Price- women's health, complementary therapies

Wound Care

--Joie Whitney- wound healing