Yoriko Kozuki, PhD, ARNP

Yoriko Kozuki, PhD, ARNP
Associate Professor
Associate Professor
Psychosocial & Community Health
Box 357263
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

As an ANCC-certified adult psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner, I engage in clinical practice in acute care settings and perform research regarding medication adherence. I am also currently involved in further training in psychodynamic psychotherapy (individuals and couples), exploring a role combining nurse therapist with psychopharmacological options.

My research project is about to take place both in inpatient and outpatients clinics at Harborview Medical Center. The project utilizes electronic monitoring to measure pill-taking behavior as event data by time series analysis, capturing patterns of psychotropic medication-taking behaviors, which is continuous in nature. The possible underlying theory about medication-taking behaviors for this population may relate to this population's lack of awareness of symptoms, which does not fit existing psychosocial behavioral theories. Should this be true, research methodologies should be extended to non-empirical endeavors.

Currently, my teaching assignments include undergraduate clinical courses in psychiatric nursing at VA Puget Sound Health System (Seattle), and a graduate level psychotherapeutic interpersonal theory class.

Research Interests: 
Adherence to psychotropic medications in population with schizophrenia spectrum disorders; mental health disorders during pregnancy and the postpartum period
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