C. June Strickland, PhD, RN

C. June Strickland, PhD, RN
Psychosocial & Community Health
Box 357263
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7263


My area of research focus in in cancer prevention with Pacific Northwest American Indian/Alaska Native tribes. I also employ community engagement models and provide a clinical rotation in AI?AN tribes in research for graduate students. MY advancement of nursing science is in transcultural nursing and community based participatory research. I employ both qualitative and quantitative research methods and provide individual support for students conducting Grounded Theory research. I have a number of years of experience in school health and a clinical site fro graduate students in school health in Seattle. My doctoral preparation is in higher education, policy and governance with a focus in sociology (complex organizational theory) and thus I also support students conducting systems, policy, and structural research, as well as education design.


I teach both in the graduate and undergraduate program in the School of Nursing. In this respect, I teach community health clinical rotation in three sties; two are with AI/AN and one is a school health site. I also teach Community Health core courses in the graduate program in assessment; this course includes research methods and attracts students from across the UW campus. As possible, I teach a doctoral course in conducting research with diverse populations and offer independent study as time allows.

Practice, Service, Community Involvement

I am a member of the following professional associations: 1.) Society for Applied Anthropology, 2.) Transcultural Nursing, 3.) Native Research Network, and 4.) Sigma Theta Tau and provide consultation for national and regional organizations: 1.) Federal Drug Administration Risk Communications Advisory Committee, 2.) Centers for Disease Control in grant writing training for Native populations, 3.) American Indian/Alaska Native Physicians Association in proposal development training, 4.) National Cancer Institute (NCI) Native Research Network in relation to regional research , and 5.)Spirit of Eagles NCI Community Networks Project in community engagement, 6.) Associate editor for the Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 7.) Northwest Area Indian Health Board, 8.) the Oregon Health Sciences University, and 9.)Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center ( consultation for their Institutional Review Board and the cancer Information Services). I also network with Native faculty and organization at the University of Washington.

Current Publications

  • Strickland, C. June & Elaine Hillaire (2013). Conducting a feasibility study with women in a Pacific Northwest American Indian tribe. Journal of Transcultural Nursing ( Accepted for publication with minor revisions.)
  • Strickland, C.J. & Cooper, M. ( 2011). Getting into trouble: Perspective on stress and suicide prevention among Pacific Northwest Indian Youth. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 22 (3), 197-208.
  • Strickland, C.J.( 2006). Challenges in community-based participatory action research implementation: Experiences in cancer prevention with Pacific Northwest American Indian tribes. Cancer Control, 13(3): 230-6.
  • Strickland, C.J. & Walsh, E. (2006). Healing fractured families: Parents' and elders' perspectives on the impact of colonialization and youth suicide prevention in a Pacific Northwest American Indian tribe. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 17(1), 5-12.
  • Struthers, R., Lauderdale, J., Nichols, L., Strickland, C.J., Tom-Orme, L. ( 2005). respecting tribal traditions in research and publications: Voices of five Native American Scholars. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 16(3),193-201.

Current Research Projects

  • 2009-2013 Principal Investigator. Infrastructure building with American Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest: National Institute of Nursing research RC4 #IRCA NRO12344-01
  • 2005-07 Principal Investigator. Addressing health disparities/translating behavioral science research in a Pacific Northwest American Indian community: A cancer prevention feasibility study with Nooksack women of western Washington. IESUS.
  • 2002-04 Principal Investigator. Conducting a women's ( breast and cervical ) health screening intervention program among Nooksack Indian women in western Washington: A participatory action research feasibility study. University of Washington School of Nursing RIFP.
  • 1997-1999 Principal Investigator. Native elders and health promotion. University of Washington subcontract with the University of Colorado. The subcontract was funded but not implemented; I accepted another funding K01 from the National Institute of Nursing Research.
  • 1996-1997 Principal Investigator. Perceptions and communications about pain among the Nooksack Indian people of western Washington: Phase 2, Adapting the McGill Melzack ( MPQ) pain questionnaire for pain assessment. University of Washington School of Nursing. IRSG.
Research Interests: 
Ethnic populations, public health, Indian youth suicide prevention
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