Event Calendar Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions should be made at least 1 week before the event.
  2. Any member of the UW SCHOOL OF NURSING community (faculty, staff, students, alumni) can submit an event for listing on the UW SCHOOL OF NURSING event calendars. Only those responsible for an event (originator or representative of an event) can submit events to the calendar.
  3. Events must be sponsored by an UW SCHOOL OF NURSING department or recognized entity. Submissions for personal events will not be accepted.
  4. Department meetings, curricular meetings, student leadership or other events to which no one outside the UW SCHOOL OF NURSING community is invited or would be allowed to attend, are not appropriate for inclusion on the SON Event Calendar (SON home page) calendar. If your meeting falls in this category, please submit your meeting for inclusion on the SharePoint Calendar, which is available via “My Nursing” for this purpose.
  5. The event submitter is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of each submission.
  6. All fields on the submission form are required. Incomplete submissions will be returned for completion, with the exception of fields that do not apply to the event, such as Cost.
  7. Submitting a calendar item does not guarantee publication. Submitters will be notified by e-mail if a submission is not accepted.
  8. The Director of Communications, or their designee, reserves the right to refuse, edit or withdraw events at their discretion.

Instructions for Submitting an Event to the SON Event Calendar

If you would like an activity to be listed on the SON Event calendar (home page), please email sonevent@u.washington.edu with the following information:

Event Type

  • Class
  • Community Events
  • Conference
  • Lecture/Presentation
  • Meeting
  • Other

The following are basic event type guidelines:

  • Class: Pertains to anything that someone considers to be a class, such as a continuing professional education class or a March Wellness class.
  • Community Events: Social, philanthropic or educational events open to anyone who wishes to participate. For example, a 5k run, a job fair, blood drive.
  • Conference: This is an event that has several presentations or classes contained within it.
  • Lecture/Presentation: Any event that has a speaker presenting information to the public, film with discussion, etc.
  • Meeting: Use for events that bring a large group of people together to discuss a topic or to work together to solve a problem. For example, a workshop or town hall type of meeting that is open to a large community. This event type is not for department or curricular meetings. Those should go on the SharePoint Calendar.

Event Title

Put the official event name here. This is what shows in the summary view of calendar events.


Please put as much detail in this field as possible. Remember, people outside of UW SCHOOL OF NURSING aren't familiar with the acronyms we use for our buildings, so please use full names and street addresses. If you include a full street address, it may be possible for the calendar editor to place a Google map link in your event.


Please include the full name and credentials of the speaker, if applicable.


If there is no cost for your event, put n/a--otherwise, enter the dollar amount.

Web Link

If there is a web page with more information about your event, or if you have a separate web page for registration, put the URL (link).


Any other information that you would like to include in the listing, including sponsoring organization and/or contact person for more information.