About the School

For more than 27 years, the University of Washington School of Nursing has been a top-rated School of Nursing, including 17 years atop the U.S. News and World Reportlist, which began ranking nursing schools in 1993. We receive these accolades because of our:

  • Exceptional faculty
  • Highly sought-after graduates
  • Award-winning research Innovative and technologically sophisticated curriculum
  • Vital community partnerships, both locally and globally

The University of Washington School of Nursing's Mission, Vision and Values:

  • Mission: Advance nursing science and practice through generating knowledge and preparing future leaders to address health.
  • Vision: Pioneer improvements in health and health care through innovative nursing science, education and practice.
  • Values: Collaboration*, Social Responsibility, Integrity*, Respect*, Accountability, Diversity*, Excellence*

Those values with an asterisk are held in common with the overall University of Washington values.